Social Distancing In Germany: If You Don’t Wear One Of These You Don’t Get Served

As we all start to get used to staying away from each other, most people can now more-or-less judge how big a 2-metre gap is.

But what if you cannot tell the difference between one metre and one foot? What happens if you think that 30cm is the same as 1 metre? What then!?

Well, a bar in Germany seems to have come up with the answer; and it involves wearing hats that would not look out of place on the set of a ‘Finding Nemo’ film.

Each hat has three foam sticks which, judging by the photo, are about 1 metre long. If you do not wear one of these hats in this bar, then you aren’t getting served.

So when you sit with your friends/family, then you know exactly how far to stay away from each other as you will both be wearing 1-metre long foam sticks on your heads!

Do you think this is a good idea? Let us know in the comments below!

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