Cop Receives Two Complaints After ‘Too Fast’ / ‘Too Slow’ Blue-Light Run

Regular readers will know how much we ‘love’ professional whingers. These individuals are a unique blend of human who just love nothing more than to moan. They just love whinging.

Professional whingers can be a thorn in the side of anyone’s back, but the emergency services/NHS, in particular, are vulnerable to their obsession with whining about anything and everything.

But one police officer in the UK was unlucky enough to be on the receiving end of two professional whingers after he responded to an emergency call on blue lights.

But the life-saving service being provided by this police officer wasn’t enough for the two individuals who decided to make an official complaint.

One complained because they felt that the police officer was driving ‘too fast’ on his blue light call.

You can bet the entire contents of your PPE cupboard that this professional whinger would be the first to complain if he/she needed urgent police assistance and there was a delay in the officers getting there.

Just like what happened with professional whinger number 2…

They decided to complain because the officer took ‘too long’ to get there.

Imagine being a police officer and risking your life to race to someone’s emergency only to find that you had been the victim of two professional whingers who were whinging about two completely different things which were associated with the same call?

You are damned if you don’t and damned if you do.

One whinger said this police officer was travelling too fast and another whinger said he was too slow.

There is little wonder as to why so many police officers are so weary of some sections of the general public.

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