‘Terrifying’ 17th Century ‘Plague Doctor’ Given Advice By Police

A bizarre individual who has been ‘terrifying kids’ by walking around a sleepy village dressed as a 17th Century plague doctor, has been identified and spoken to by police. 

The sinister-looking male who dressed in a black cloak, hat and beak-like mask had been frightening the residents of Hellesdon.

But some witnesses were also amused by the eccentric character as he went about his daily business, shopping for food and mingling with residents. 

Owing to numerous complaints, the local policing team managed to track the character down. He turned out to be a local teenage lad. 

A spokesperson for Norfolk Police said:

“The individual has been spoken to about the consequences of his actions and the effects they may have on some people in the local community.

“He was given words of advice as a result.”

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