Landsharks Spotted In Hay Field

Although you are probably familiar with the term ‘Landshark’, you probably haven’t actually seen a real one. Until now.

‘Landshark’ is the affectionate term given to police dogs by their two-legged comrades. ‘Furry missile’ is another term that comes to mind.

But it would seem that the original landsharks have now made it into the hayfields of the English countryside and they appear to be hungry.

But now that the real ones have turned up, does this mean that we are going to have to give a different name to our police dogs!?

I am just thinking out loud on this because if a police officer says: ‘release the landsharks’ people are going to need to know whether or not the dogs or the real landsharks have been released?

Not that it makes too much difference anyway, because both of them will bite you if you put up a struggle.

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