WATCH: Woman Cuts Hole In Face Mask So It’s ‘Easier To Breath’

As some governments around the world – seemingly oblivious to the notion that some protection is better than no protection – continue to debate whether face masks should be compulsory or not, many of us are wearing them regardless.

You don’t have to be a professor of virology to understand that putting something in front of your mouth/nose is going to lower the amount and rate of droplets which leave your mouth and nose and land on someone else.

Although, we are still confused as to why some people are driving around, on their own, in their car while still wearing a face mask?

Surely if you are alone in your car, then you should be fine?!

But one woman has been spotted wearing a face mask with a hole cut into it precisely where the stream of droplets from your mouth and nose will exit your body.

In the footage below, the lady can be seen to approach a bemused retail assistant.

When the retail assistant asks the lady why she has cut a hole into her face mask, she calmly explains that the hole helps her breath more easily.

Next time you buy an apple pie from McDonald’s, or next time you buy a coffee from Costa Coffee or Starbucks and you see the ‘Caution: Hot’ warning label, then at least now you will understand why such obvious warnings exist.

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