When You Order Your Booze Online But The Shop Forgets To Take The Security Tag Off

I never really used to buy my groceries online before the lockdown but, like many other people, I try to buy as much as I can now with my various online shopping accounts.

Things had been going quite well, and I was quite impressed with how quickly my regular supplier could ship stuff to me just before it went out of date.

I must admit though, that I am not overly impressed with the ‘find a replacement’ option if my local store has run out of goods which I am trying to buy.

For example, ordering condoms but getting balloons was particularly disappointing.

But imagine ordering a bottle of your favourite tipple only to find that the supermarket who you ordered it from, forgot to take the security tag off the top of the bottle!

And not just any security tag. A security tag that prevents you from drinking your liquid gold.

If I had a ninja sword, then I could slice the top clean off.

But if, like me, you do not own such a sword, then how the heck are you supposed to get to the much-needed booze!?

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