‘Hiring Smiling Faces For Afternoon S**ts’ – Who Forgot The Letter ‘F’?

We spotted this pic being shared in one of our social media groups a little earlier today. We can only assume that this sign was put together way before the current lockdown.

Maybe the restaurant concerned wanted to hire people who would be willing to smile at anyone who was taking an afternoon dump?

Imagine sitting on the toilet, releasing your brown trouts into the loo-river as someone sits opposite you and just smiles at you.

The resulting laughter might help your muscles to push through any food wastage that has become clogged up in your intestines? Kind of like a ‘new age’ remedy for constipation maybe?

Or could employers use smiling people, who are sat in front of you as you have a dump on work time, to make sure you do not spend too much time on the loo?

It is not as if you can relax on the toilet while someone just stares at you, smiling.

Or perhaps whoever made the sign just ran out of ‘f’s to give?

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