‘Why Are Two Police Officers Patrolling The Aisles Of Marks & Spencer?’ Because They Aren’t!?

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Our vast array of super-human computers went into overdrive today when they detected a morale failure on twitter after someone accused two police officers of ‘patrolling the aisles’ in a branch of Marks & Spencer.

The issue here is that some sections of the mainstream media have cooked up anti-police stories and force-fed them to some gullible parts of the public to such an extent, that they genuinely believe that you can get arrested for buying too many eggs or too many rolls of toilet paper.

If you do not believe me, then why else would anything think that two police officers would be looking for shoppers to arrest who purchased items which they had not intended to buy when they headed down to their local shops?

How does this Twitter user not know that the officers weren’t looking for some nutritious doughnuts? Or that they weren’t looking to buy some cakes to settle a long-overdue ‘cake fine’ at work?

Nope. You haven’t. And for a good reason too; the police are not ‘patrolling the aisles’ looking to arrest people for buying things which the government think you should not be buying.

Hopefully, this article will go some way to comfort those who feel ‘uncomfortable’ at the sight of police officers in shops.

I bet that, while the officers were in the shop in question, there was no pushing or shoving and that no shoplifters struck…just saying…

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