Why Are Some Idiots Deliberately Starting Grass Fires During The Lockdown?

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In many ways, the headline to this article is an oxymoron. These grass fires are being started deliberately because idiots are responsible for starting them. 

But what goes through the single brain cell of someone as they intentionally start fires on dry grassland? Did they not get enough attention when they were growing up? Do these people get turned on by the sight of naked flames? 

The mind boggles. But one thing for sure, the individuals starting these fires are idiots. 

South Wales Police have even had to issue a statement, calling for the idiocy to stop. 

Credit: South Wales Police

“Quite simply, these fires are putting people’s lives at risk, whether due to their proximity to homes or due to the tying up of resources.

“They are also placing those suffering with COVID-19 or any other respiratory problems at in increased risk, with the dense smoke they create significantly impacting the air quality.

“I’d urge those engaging in such mindless acts to really consider the potential consequences of their actions. Such actions are never tolerated by our fire service colleagues or ourselves, but in the current climate they are particularly reprehensible.

“My message to anyone involved is simple. Think about your actions, stop now or you will face the full force of the law.

“Not only do grass fires pose a serious risk to the culprit and others, a criminal conviction can have life-long implications for an individual. Lighting grass fires is never worth the risk.

“Our communities can also play a huge part. Children are not exempt from the government-imposed restrictions and I’d ask parents to ensure their children are abiding by the rules. I’d also encourage vigilance – anyone with concerns or information should report it immediately.”

If you are the mystery fire starter then, please, have a word with yourself. 

You may not know it yet, but there is something out there called ‘karma’. And you do not have to believe in karma for it to pay you a visit. 

During this national emergency, the last thing the emergency services needs is some idiot deliberately starting fires. When you are caught, I can almost guarantee that you will get banged up. 

During a national emergency, the courts come down hard on the idiots who become a part of the problem. 

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