WATCH: Professional Bystander Tells The Police What They Can And Cannot Eat

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We all know that we are living in extraordinary times. And during these times, we have seen the best and worst that humanity has to offer.

In the context of this article, we have seen police officers who have still been trying to keep our streets safe. Responding to calls for help, from example, from kids who are forced to stay at home with their abusive parents.

Our police officers have continued to respond to thousands of daily calls for help from men and women who have been abused by their partners. Our police officers have been trying to maintain a lockdown that is still on-going in some parts of the country, that has been ordered by the government.

Most people have adhered to the lockdown because they know that their desire to do what they want is dwarfed by the fact that over 40,000 people have died from an avoidable virus.

If a spontaneous act of violence unfolded in front of them, then they would run the other way to protect themselves without any regard to the victims of the spontaneous act of violence.

But our police will run towards that danger. Not away from it.

So it makes you wonder why anyone would have an issue with police officers eating fish & chips. It makes the mind boggle when you try and comprehend why anyone with an ounce of decency or common sense, would resent the fact that a police officer has DARED to eat some ice cream.

Have you heard of anyone getting into trouble for eating fish and chips or for eating ice cream? No. So why can’t our police enjoy this sort of food?

But that is precisely what this professional bystander seems to have an issue with.

At a time when our country is facing a global pandemic, attention-seeking professional bystanders are out there, looking for police officers who dare to answer their body’s call to nature; by eating food or by treating themselves to a sugary feast.

When future generations look back at this period in time, attention seekers like the person filming this encounter will be remembered as part of the problem of current-day humanity.

And to police officers, I say this: if you see a professional bystander armed with a camera and he/she approaches you to interview you about what you are eating and why just ignore them. Pretend that they do not exist.

These professional bystanders feed off of your attention. So do not give it to them.

And continue to eat what the heck you want, when the heck you want because 99.9% of decent-minded people are behind you. And nobody likes a troll, apart from the troll community.

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  1. What an absolute cock,, it finished with anybody in this film shouldn’t have been born….yeah the cock holding the camera 🤬

    1. What a vile human being! Criticising the Police while they are doing something positive with their lives and making a difference. Unlike the person filming. What an oxygen stealing loser.

  2. Why have you targetted the police and no other group. Was that necessary. How is what you show relevant to anything. Why not single parents in mc donalds with hordes of little fat kids.

  3. The police should not have to engage in a battle of wits with unarmed members of the public.

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