WATCH: Motorists Are Fitting Facemasks To Their Vehicles

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We are now used to seeing people walking around with their face coverings on. It was a strange thing to see at first, but now it has become ‘normal’.

But I bet that you have probably never seen a car with a ‘face covering’ on the front of it? 

Until now…

A short video clip (below) has emerged on TikTok of a driver behind the wheel of a car that has a huge ‘face covering’ on its bonnet.

The driver is also wearing the obligatory face covering to try and protect himself from the virus that has now reached pretty much every part of the world. 

The lady filming the encounter was just as chuffed as we were to see the car with its massive ‘face covering’, judging by her cries of laughter. 

I no doubt that these ‘facemasks’ (for vehicles) will start appearing on eBay anytime.

Although, they could be a great way of stopping insects from clogging up your radiator…But it is probably not worth the fire risk.

Let us know what you think!