WATCH: Motorists Are Fitting Facemasks To Their Vehicles

We are fairly used to seeing people walking around with facemasks on now, but I am reasonably confident that you probably would not have seen a car with a ‘facemask’. 

Until now…

A short video clip has emerged on the video-sharing platform ‘TikTok’ of a driver behind the wheel of a car that has a huge ‘facemask’ covering its front-end.

The driver is also wearing the obligatory facemask to try and protect himself from the virus that has now reached pretty much every part of the world. 

The lady filming the encounter was just as chuffed as we were to see the car with its massive ‘facemask’, judging by her cries of laughter. 

With the lockdown showing no immediate signs of being lifted, then it would seem that people are coming up with more and more strange ways of passing the time. 

I no doubt that these ‘facemasks’ (for vehicles) will start appearing on eBay soon and that fellow motorists will start to buy them because they genuinely think that they should; just because they have seen a video of one on social media.  

Motorist Spotted With 'Facemask' On The Front Of His Car

Just when you thought that you had seen 'it all'

Posted by Daily Dits on Tuesday, April 14, 2020

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