WATCH: ‘Idiot’ Drives At 150 MPH During Lockdown As Passenger Films

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When driving to the shops, you have probably already noticed that there is a lot less traffic on the roads as people carry on only making essential journey’s to help save lives. 

For most people, this lack of traffic means that you can get from A-to-B without having to worry about being stuck in traffic. 

But for some people, this lack of traffic on the roads means driving from A-to-B as fast as possible; like the video below clearly shows. 

It was uploaded to social media by someone who had the video sent to them by a friend. 

‘Secondly – Driving at speeds between 130mph- 150mph is absolutely appalling it’s people like her that cause accidents and take life’s of innocent people!

‘Please feel free to share.’

Earlier on today and elsewhere in the country, a top police officer based with the Metropolitan Police Service took to Twitter to ask people to slow down when driving around London since more and more people have been caught not just speeding but speeding at 2 or 3 times over the posted speed limit. 

Perhaps if more people knew that if they were to have an accident, then its unlikely that an ambulance would get to them anytime soon, then they would be less likely to drive like complete buffoons. 

I would hate to imagine the carnage caused to other motorists had this fool of lost control of her car. 

Let us know what you think in the comments below. 

Idiot Drives At 150 MPH During Lockdown

Our team spotted this video being shared on social media. You have got to be made to drive at this sort of speed on the UK’s roads! 150 MPH!!!

Posted by Daily Dits on Wednesday, April 8, 2020

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