WATCH: DJ Puts On Epic Garden Rave For Neighbours In Lockdown

One DJ hasn’t let the lockdown stop him from putting on a decent club night for his neighbours (while still keeping to the rules). 

Not content with just keeping himself entertained, ‘DJ Lockdown’ (our name) decided to set up DJ equipment in his garden – much to the delight of (most) of his neighbours. 

But this DJ did not just have some decks and a few speakers at his house. 

This DJ had ALL of his equipment at home, including various lightboxes, massive speakers, a DJ rig and a smoke machine. 

The performance was filmed by another neighbour who also caught some pretty slick dance moves being performed by neighbours. 

The video was uploaded to a public group on social media last Friday (3rd April). One of the comments on the video asked: ‘same again next Friday?’ which attracted an even collection of ‘happy’ and ‘angry’ emojis. 

You can only imagine how tonight’s Bank Holiday lockdown garden rave is going to go down with the people of Cotgrave. 

Personally, I would be making the most of it and getting involved – especially if the track being played in the video below is indicative of the sort of banging tunes which are going to be pounded out across the neighbourhood. 

Residents really won’t be getting any sleep. 

Posted by Marc Inglis on Friday, April 3, 2020

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