The People ‘Kicking Off’ Because Of The Met’s Blue-Light Salute Are Missing An Important Point…

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Yesterday, emergency services personnel around the country gathered to honour the men and women who are on the front line of the battle against COVID-19. 

They did this by stopping what they were doing for three minutes before turning on their blue lights and sounding their horns as a mark of respect for NHS staff and keyworkers around the country. 

But one video, in particular, has stood out, owing to the sheer amount of emergency vehicles that took part in a blue-light salute in central London. 

The video below shows dozens of emergency vehicles, from ALL services – not just the Met Police – parked on a bridge in London as their blue lights lit the evening sky. 

This in itself is a sad reflection of the narrowmindedness of some people who, even during this national emergency, cannot seem to embrace the concept of a ‘team spirit’ as we unite in the fight against COVID-19. 

The answer to the question about how the emergency services ‘found time’ to take part in this 3-minute exercise is simple. 

The units which took part in the tribute would have either been on a break, on their way back to their station having finished their shift or would have been on their way to a non-999 call. 

The number of emergency vehicles which were on the bridge represents only a small amount of the actual number of emergency vehicles which are in London. 

My old response team (when I served in the Met) had around 20-25 vehicles out of just ONE police station alone.

So although they were quite a few blue-light vehicles on the bridge, there would have been many hundreds more around the capital which were responding to 999 calls. 

Fewer people on the streets has also led to fewer 999 calls related to things such as RTC’s, fights and other similar calls. 

Instead of moaning about the tribute to the NHS that was made by the emergency services in London, then the whiners, moaners and whingers should instead reflect on how the emergency services and NHS have come together to fight COVID-19. 

They should reflect on the enormous show of support that the emergency services have shown to the NHS. 

The whiners, moaners and whingers should rejoice in the visual display of the team spirit that underlies the foundation onto which the emergency services and NHS are built. 

Thousands of NHS workers around the country would have seen this video and would have probably taken some comfort from what they saw; knowing that they have the entire emergency services family behind them. 

Let us hope that the whiners, moaners and whingers do not end up bringing an end to this fantastic weekly show of support for our NHS. 

If you are not a part of the solution, then you are a part of the problem…

But let us know what you think in the comments below! 

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  1. Idiots who whine about this kind of solidarity simply need to be ignored. They are clearly ignorant, self-centered people who should be given no voice. Well done to the emergency services who took part in this, and many other, show of support for our key workers. Thank you to them and everyone who is helping the country, whether that be NHS staff, supermarket staff, bin men and every other essential worker.

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