Police Name Horse ‘Hero’ As A Tribute To NHS Workers

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A police horse has been named ‘Hero’ by his two-legged colleagues in tribute to the remarkable men and women who are battling to save as many lives as possible during the COVID-19 national emergency. 

Police horses are traditionally named after geographical locations across their force area. 

Avon & Somerset Police already have police horses named: PH Blaise, PH Clifton, PH Mendip, PH Quantock, PH Somerset, PH Trinity and PH Wellington.

But Avon and Somerset Police broke with this age-old tradition when they decided to name their newest four-legged recruit in dedication to the NHS

The naming ‘ceremony’ took place on 16th April. 

PH ‘Hero’ | Avon and Somerset Police

A spokesperson for the force said: 

“The move will be a lasting tribute to the NHS workers and carers who have been saving lives and comforting the sick and dying during the Coronavirus pandemic”.

PH ‘Hero’ arrived in the UK from Ireland in January with the passport name of “Callow’s Hero” and has quickly become known as ‘Hero’ in the stables and by his rider, PC Tracey Small.

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