Police Dog ‘Apologises’ After Eating Its Uniform

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If you have a friend or family member who serves in the emergency services, then you are probably more used to police dogs being called ‘land sharks’ (UK) or ‘furry missiles’ (US).

You have probably also heard stories about ‘landsharks’ carrying out feats which most humans would think twice about doing. 

In summary, the emergency services and their many supporters have a lot of time and affection for service animals and, in particular, police dogs. 

My uncle was a police dog handler for two decades, and he would often get me to ‘volunteer’ as a suspect whenever we would take his land shark out for a walk into the wilderness.

But one land shark has ended up having to put its fearless persona to one side so that it could write an apology after chewing its uniform up after only one month on the job. 

Apparently, K9′ Tango’ took a dislike to its uniform. So decided to eat it (including his triple-strength harness).

A post shared on the Newberg-Dundee Police Department Facebook page confirmed:

“My name is Tango. I ate my brand new police uniform within one month of working here.” This is why we can’t have nice things”.

With the post was a picture of Tango with a very distinct ‘IDGAF’ look on its face. 

Tango had even gone to the trouble of writing a message that said:

“My name is Tango. I ate my brand new police uniform within one month of working here”. 

It sounds to me like Tango needs some more tennis balls to chew on!  

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