PCSO Attacked By Angry Mob (Of Pigeons)

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The guidance has been confusing at times. But, generally speaking, nobody is allowed to gather in groups of more than six people unless you are all from the same household. 

But a ‘flock’ of rebel pigeons clearly think that the rules do not apply to them during the pandemic. 

PCSO Thompson was on patrol in Weston Park when she answered a call to help from a distressed citizen who was out getting their daily dose of physical exercise whilst wearing their best running gear.

The citizen had alerted PCSO Thompson to the fact that a pigeon had got its head caught in a plastic bag that had been discarded in a park. 

Thankfully, PCSO Hizam came to the rescue of his colleague by immediately taking a photograph to capture the event and to keep a digital record of what went down in the park on that fateful day.

Over 20 birds were given words of advice regarding the rules concerning social distancing. The status of the bird-in-a-bag is not known. 

Stay safe out there. Its carnage. 

Image credit: South Yorkshire Police

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