Hoarders Who Try To Get A Refund On Their Stockpiles Of Toilet Roll Should Be Named And Shamed

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Last week, we heard the story about a man in Australia who tried to get a refund on the vast quantities of toilet roll and hand sanitiser that he stocked up on. 

Being Australia, where there is, thankfully, a distinct lack of political correctness, the store manager told the professional toilet roll hoarder to ‘foxtrot oscar’. 

John-Paul Drake, director at Drakes Supermarkets in Adelaide, South Australia, took to his YouTube channel to vent his anger towards the ‘professional toilet-roll hoarder’. 

He said: 

Most people with some common sense knew that buying that sort of quantity of toilet roll and hand sanitiser was just ridiculous. 

People had to wash their butts in their gardens because of the selfish individuals who were silly enough to panic buy vast quantities of items which they could have purchased at any time. 

The shops were never going to shut or cease trading, so what was the point of the panic buying!? 

If everyone just used their common sense and thought about other people, then we would not have seen the sorry pictures of vulnerable people crying in the shops because everyone panic-bought items which they could have purchased at any time. 

But what do you think? 

Should the panic buyers who try to get a refund on their surplus supplies be named and shamed? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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