Gordon Ramsay’s Son, Jack, Joins The Royal Marines

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For many people who are lucky enough, knowing that they will one day inherit a vast fortune is enough to make them sit on their backsides, uploading heavily filtered selfies to social media. 

But not so for one of Gordon Ramsey’s boys, Jack.  

Over the weekend, The Mail on Sunday exclusively revealed that Jack Ramsey, eldest son of Gordon Ramsey, has decided to ditch his privileged lifestyle and instead join one of the most elite fighting forces in the world. 

That’s right: Jack has decided to join the Royal Marines. 

A part of the Royal Navy that immediately implores a decent amount of respect from anyone who has served in the armed forces; myself included. 

Without announcing it to the world in an egotistical post to his 242,000 Instagram followers, Jack began the gruelling 32-week basic training course late in 2019. 

If Jack manages to pass the training, then he will be awarded with the highly coveted green beret in Autumn of this year. 

I feel humbled to say that both an uncle and a cousin of mine have served in the Royal Marines.

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