Gordon Ramsay’s Son, Jack, Joins The Royal Marines

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For many people who are lucky enough, knowing that they will one day inherit a vast fortune is enough to make them sit on their backsides, uploading heavily filtered selfies to social media. 

But not so for one of Gordon Ramsey’s boys, Jack.  

Over the weekend, The Mail on Sunday exclusively revealed that Jack Ramsey, eldest son of Gordon Ramsey, has decided to ditch his privileged lifestyle and instead join one of the most elite fighting forces in the world. 

That’s right: Jack has decided to join the Royal Marines. 

My uncle saw active service in the Falklands war while my cousin carved out two tours in Afghanistan (You can only call it ‘Afghan’ if you have served a tour of duty out there). 

Despite gaining some impressive qualifications during his public school education, Jack Ramsey has decided to enlist as a marine rather than going down the officer route. 

A source at the Royal Marines’ Commando Training Centre at Lympstone, Devon, told reporters from The Mail on Sunday that Jack had made a great start and was popular. 

The source added: ‘First and foremost, he is just another marine recruit to us, a ‘bod’. There’s no nepotism here and no favouritism.

‘He’s getting his head down and delivering the goods so far. He seems fit and is well-liked. 

‘Not surprisingly, there’s a lot of good-natured banter when Jack and his mates sit down to eat and when they’re on a field exercise about who should prepare the rations.’

I have never met Jack, but he sounds like a ‘good egg’ (no pun intended). 

Let’s hope that he manages to get his green beret and that even more young lads are inspired to join what is one of the closest brotherhoods in the world. 

The friendships you make in the armed forces stay with you for life. 

I left just under 20 years ago and still like to engage in some friendly banter with my old oppos. 

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