Emergency Services Personnel Encouraged To Tell Professional Bystanders To ‘F__k Off’

This message is intended for members of the emergency services who happen to be approached by ‘professional bystanders’ who want to film them because they are eating.

Earlier on today, we shared an article about an incident whereby a professional bystander approached three Met Police cops who DARED to eat items which did not constitute part of their ‘five-a-day’.

We won’t name the professional bystander in this article, because he really wants you to follow him on YouTube and he wants you to watch more of his boring videos.

But, off the back of the article, we wanted to share a message with the amazing men and women who dedicate their lives to serving their community.

And the message is a relatively simple one; If you are in uniform and a professional bystander approaches you armed with their mobile phone/camera that is pointed directly at you as they film, then just ignore them.

The moment you interact with a professional bystander who is filming you, then you have given them exactly what they need; footage of you reacting to them.

If these professional bystanders try and upload footage to social media of you ignoring them, then the footage won’t be as popular, and it won’t get as many views.

And that is what motivates these professional bystanders to film you; views.

The more views they get, then the more adverts they can cram into the video.

So when these ‘individuals’ approach you with their cameras in the hope that you will engage with them, don’t say anything!

Just ignore them. Tell them that you will only speak to them once they stop filming you. And then just tell them to foxtrot oscar.

This hardcore element of professional bystanders need to be given the attention they deserve. None.

Let us know what you think!