Are You Tempted To Use A Sky Lantern For Tonight’s ‘Clap For Carers?’ Don’t Do It!

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As we prepare for our third week of the Thursday evening tradition of ‘clapping for carers’, some people might be tempted to light a candle before placing it in a paper bag that will float up into the atmosphere.

When you read those words back, you will probably wonder why anyone would want to release a naked flame out into the wilderness. 

The adage of ‘what goes up, must come down’ does apply here. 

And your sky lantern won’t return to the ground in the same majestic way that it ascended into the atmosphere. 

Your sky lantern could end up being the demise of a bird, such as an owl. Or it could land on the forecourt of a petrol station, just as the petrol tanker is disconnecting its huge hose from the massive forecourt fuel tanks. 

Or the now-fully-alight sky lantern could land in a timbers merchants yard and set the whole stock ablaze. I could go on, but you probably get the picture by now. 

And this is why Fire services around the country have been pleading with the public not to use ‘sky lanterns’ because the risk they pose far outweighs the visual pleasure they bring. 

Instead of releasing a mobile bonfire of plastic and paper into the air, why not instead just stand on your doorstep and clap till your heart’s content. 

The wildlife and fire service will thank you for it (as well as our healthcare heroes).

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