What A W**ker | Motorist Pulled By Motorway Cops After Pleasuring Himself As He Drove

When you are driving along the motorway, there are loads of different things you can do to keep yourself occupied as the monotony of long-distance travel sets in. 

For example, you can listen to your favourite radio station or playlist. 

You could download an audiobook and listen to the titles which you have never had a chance to read. 

Or, you could just enjoy the solitude and contemplate life in general as you do your best to make sure that you don’t cause an accident as you hurtle along the road at 70 MPH. 

But for one motorist, none of the above was good enough when it came to keeping himself occupied. 

The only thing he could think of doing was to ‘crack one out’.

He wanted a ‘hand shandy’, and he could not give two fooks about who saw him or how, by banging one out as he drove, then he would clearly not be in control of his vehicle. 

A HGV driver spotted the male and alerted officers from the Central Motorway Policing Group to what he was doing. The driver had decided to start beating-the-meat by junction nine on the M6 motorway. 

An unmarked unit spotted the male as he drove through junction seven and, quite rightly, interrupted his one-hand-session. 

A spokesperson for the unit tweeted to say:

‘HGV driver informed us that he’d seen a car driver on M6 at J9 m-sturbating while driving! 

‘Unmarked Police car spotted offender going through J7…his pleasure was short-lived, and he was dealt with accordingly! 

‘We must point out it’s not only illegal but highly dangerous!’

One Twitter user questioned as to whether the police could deal with the motorist based solely on the testimony of the lorry driver. 

But the w**ker was still w**King when the cops saw him. Just imagine the look of shame on the driver. Rank. 

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