WATCH: Cops Get Spooked After Hearing Disturbing Noise In Graveyard

Ask most cops about how they feel when searching graveyards in the middle of the night, and they will tell you that it is not a pleasant experience.

When I was a cop, I remember having to search a vast graveyard after someone heard screams coming from within it during the early hours of the morning. We didn’t find anything.

Of course, you would never let on to your colleagues about the fact that you were sh*tting yourself, but everyone knew that you would be anyway.

But a video has emerged on social media of two cops encountering what can only be described as an ‘ungodly’ noise as they search for ‘something’ in a graveyard.

The officer’s dashcam captures the moment in its full glory as their flashlights guide the two officers.

With the headlights of their patrol vehicle also illuminating the graveyard, they walk further into the darkness until a large, what can only be described as a screeching sound, can be heard.

At this point, and rightly so, both the officers leg it back to their patrol vehicle.

We have no idea as to what caused the noise or where/when this was filmed. Could it have been a prank? Maybe. But what on earth would generate such an unwholesome noise!?

The video has been shared nearly 230k times and has attracted almost 30k comments.

One thought on “WATCH: Cops Get Spooked After Hearing Disturbing Noise In Graveyard

  1. Love the reaction speed of the male officer, see you women, men are better at some things, as in this case, running away,

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