Mystery Signs Offering A ‘Free Cure’ Are Appearing On Lamposts

When you take your dog for a walk, you are probably used to seeing homemade notes which have been posted to lamposts/electricity pylons dotted around your neighbourhood. 

The majority of the time, these notes tell you to pick up your dog s**t or they appeal for information about a lost cat/rabbit. 

But one neighbourhood has started to find ‘free cure’ signs being posted on lamposts/electricity pylons. 

The signs, which have been professionally printed out on a bubblejet printer, say:


“for COVID-19.”

“Please take an information strip below”.

No-doubt excited by what this sign has to offer, the eager dogwalker looks down to find loads of strips of paper which have the words: ‘stay the f**k at home’ printed on them. 

Although not technically a ‘cure’, the advice on the strips of paper is reasonably sound. 

If you do stay at home – with the people who live under the same roof as you – then you should end up avoiding the virus. 

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