WATCH: Motorist Deliberately COVID-Coughs On Driving Licence After Being Pulled By The Cops

Unfortunately, we are starting to get used to reading stories about the individuals out there who intentionally cough on their fellow citizens with the sole aim of scaring them into thinking that they have got COVID-19.

But when over 200,000 have died globally, only the morally corrupt would look at this global emergency with a view to aiding themselves in some way.

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So the video below left us in two minds as to whether we should share it or not. In the video, we see a motorist who is stopped by the police (USA) for an alleged traffic violation.

When the officer approaches the driver, he speaks to him in a kind and polite manner. The officer asks to see the drivers driving licence.

But when the driver produces his licence, he decides to hold it next to his mouth and deliberately coughs on it. You do not have to be a professor of physics to work out why the driver who has been stopped is doing this.

Needless to say, that after a few words with the driver about his ‘cough’ the officer walks off.

He clearly does not want to speak to the driver who is telling him that he ‘isn’t feeling well’ as he continues to cough on his licence.

If I were the cop, then I probably would have just put some gloves on and continued with the stop. But you cannot blame the police for changing his mind and walking away.

Of course, we cannot say for sure if the driver had COVID-19 or not.

But using the threat of COVID-19 to further your own gain?

In our eyes, that makes you morally corrupt. But have a watch of the video and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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