If A Police Buggy Can Get Stuck In The Sand, Is It Even A Police Buggy?

Today, LincolnshireLive shared a story about a police buggy that got stuck in the sand on Skegness beach. A local roaming photographer, Barry Robinson, made the ‘discovery’ on Saturday afternoon (25th April). 

Those who are a member of the emergency services family will probably agree that a cake fine could become ‘payable’ under these circumstances. 

But the word ‘buggy’ suggests to me that the vehicle should have been able to navigate its way over the sand with ease. 

Most of us have seen the videos on YouTube of ‘influencers’ racing around in ‘buggies’. 

The footage shows the social media stars typically darting around on terrain which even tanks might have a problem with. 

So how can a police buggy get stuck on terrain which should be easy for such a vehicle to drive over, without getting stuck? 

Was the sand too ‘sandy’? Was it the wrong sort of sand for the off-road buggy? Should the cops ask for a refund? 

If I find the buggy floating around at sea, can I claim it as mine under international salvage laws!? 

So many questions…

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