Professionals Whingers Strike Again After Submariners Enjoy Isolated BBQ

The unique breed of professional whingers, whiners and windbags have struck again. This time, they aimed their sights at the ‘silent service’—the elite breed of matelots who keep our country safe from under the deep blue sea.

The nuclear powered submarine, HMS Trenchant, had just come back into her secure port after a stint under the sea. If you want to talk about self-isolation, then being on a submarine with your oppos is the ultimate definition of ‘self-isolation’. It is the same as you ‘self-isolating’ at home with your family.

Whereas you have to say indoors with your family during the lockdown, but you can still nip outside for some fresh air, submariners don’t get to see any sunlight for the duration of their 3-month deployments.

So when this uber-isolated crew came back to base for some much-needed supplies, the top brass on board decided to give their crew some much-needed downtime (and sun) by letting them have a crew-only BBQ next to their boat. How else are they supposed to get their vitamin D?

It’s a bit like you and your family, who live under the same roof, going into your garden for a BBQ having stayed indoors for three months with no natural light and with all of the doors and windows shut.

What’s the problem!?

This crew had just finished a stint at sea with only each other for company and wanted to stand outside, in the fresh air, and eat!?

But no. The unique breed of professionals whingers, moaners and whinge bags decided that this was not on, even though these professional whingers will probably be enjoying a BBQ this weekend with the people who live under their roof.

Yet again, we are seeing professional whingers moaning about something despite having zero idea about what it is they are actually crying about.

This crew didn’t just beach themselves on Brighton’s seafront and set up a BBQ. They had been isolated for a long time, under the sea, and decided to have a BBQ next to their boat, on their own, in a secure military base.

I really feel sorry for the professional whingers, moaners and windbags out there. Life is tough enough without constantly looking for things to moan about.

When asked by the prying mainstream media, the Royal Navy told journalists that an ‘investigation’ is underway. Let’s just hope that the ‘investigation’ is put in the IDGAF bin.

If the lads and lasses who risk their lives protecting our country want to have a frigging BBQ, then let them have a frigging BBQ!

Would you like it if a bunch of professional whingers told you that you could not have a BBQ in your back garden with your family members who live under the same roof as you!? (and no, that’s not what our brave lads and lasses on the thin blue line have been doing, despite the best efforts of some sections of the mainstream media to convince you otherwise).

Remember; these lads and lasses would not have mingled with anyone during their deployment (because they were under the sea) and they had only popped back to their base for a few days before heading back out to sea again.

15 thoughts on “Professionals Whingers Strike Again After Submariners Enjoy Isolated BBQ

  1. Some moaning windbags need to get a life; this crew have been under the waves; leave them be, let them enjoy a bit of sunshine. Throw the complaint in the gash can. Bless them all and be safe above and under the waves.x

  2. Can’t believe that this is being taken seriously and who took the photos and gave them to the press(if you can call our tabloids press?)? Someone in authority needs to tell these cockwombles to get a life and concentrate on real news!

  3. This has to be the dumbest bit of whinging in human history. I suppose now we’ll see the Captain suspended!!

  4. They were only allowed on board and on the jetty for six days, so I think a bbq on the jettywhe. They’ve been away AND on under 1/2 rations was a small treat for them. They did not have a binge party with loads of alcohol. Submarines are dry!

    1. God bless our Senior Service.
      Re-instate the Captain immediately, and consider a promotion for his actions in thinking of the well-being of his crew.
      Cancel any enquiry.
      Tell the whingers to go to hell, or volunteer to do the next 3 months stint underwater.
      I feel better now.
      Good luck lads and lassies.

  5. Cant see what the problem is they have all lived together fro the last three months so what is the difference apart from some much needed fresh air for them with the same people who have been isolated with them on the sub

  6. So a bunch of Builders can continue to work together, You can still throw loads of people together on public transport, every man and his frigging dog are still arriving at airports all over the country without screening , AND THERE ARE BOAT LOADS OF FRIGGING REFUGEES ARRIVING AT THE SOUTH COAST EVERY DAY! and you are complaining about a crew who have been together for months and enjoying themselves without any problem to each other then punish their skipper. What the F88K are you on about, you need a good F88888g SLAP TO PUT YOU BACK IN THE REAL WORLD.

  7. These “journalists? need to crawl back down their collective hole and pull the lid down! But then, if they reported favourably on a bunch of heroes getting a well deserved breath of fresh air their editors would have thought it not dramatic enough. Nice doesn’t sell papers or make editor’s reputations!

  8. Let all the top brass who are taking the captain to task go out in a sub for just a month and they would soon be changing their attitude and thinking

  9. This is a definite case where the top brass should apply the DILLIGAF rule to their decision. Probably the top brass were upset that the wardroom could not have the tent on the wardroom lawn and drink to their hearts content (or perhaps that should be stomach content) so why should the lower ranks be able to. The crew caused no harm, did not upset the neighbours (apart from HMS Drake wardroom) and could not affect any other personnel in the Naval Base as the berth is fenced off with a security fence. Good on the skipper who gave more thought to his crews welfare and well being than the straight jacketed top brass. Remember Submariners do it deeper.

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