‘Am I Doing It Right?’ Emergency Doctor With UV Lamp & Bottle Of Disinfectant, Tweets Donald Trump

Of all the things we have spotted today on social media, this really tickled our laughing boxes.

For a bit of background; Donald Trump recently held a press conference where he spoke about ‘inserting’ UV lamps into people and ‘injecting them with disinfectant’ as a way of treating the virus.

The medical fraternity has been up in arms over these suggestions. As someone with no medical training, I get what Mr T is trying to do here.

He clearly knows that UV light can kill COVID-19 cells. He also obviously knows that disinfectant can ward off the nasty virus as well.

So his matter-of-fact business mind has probably thought: ‘why don’t we just get some UV light or some disinfectant into peoples lungs?’.

If only it were that simple. If you haven’t seen the press conference yet, then search for it online.

Once you have seen it, then you can make your own minds up as to what he might have been thinking when he made the suggestions.

Off the back of the video, however, there has been quite a bit of ‘chatter’ on social media regarding the press conference and the various suggestions which were made by Mr T.

But the tweet that stood out to us was published by a UK emergency department doctor.

In the tweet is an image of the doctor holding a bottle of disinfectant and a lamp (that emits UV light) with the caption: ‘Am I doing it right @realDonaldTrump?’

What made us laugh, wasn’t the words uttered by Mr Trump. Who are we to judge?

What did make us laugh, was this excellent example of the British sense of humour. A sense of humour that many countries try and imitate but that, so far, only the Aussies have been able to come close to (for a good reason, obviously….)

The video below also made us laugh, but we deemed that it wasn’t worthy of a separate article. Enjoy.

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