Despite The Odds Being Stacked Against Them, The Emergency Services Are Continuing With The Fight!

Our emergency services are facing a challenge which they have not collectively endured since WWII. Personally, I think that we have the best emergency services in the world.

We have seen videos of emergency services personnel, letting off some steam having completed six days of 14-hour shifts.

But we have also seen parts of the mainstream media begging some sections of the attention-seeking public to send in stories about “overzealous” police officers who are trying to help save lives by enforcing the lockdown rules.

Meanwhile, the usual suspects in our mainstream media have ignored the fact that police cars have been set on fire in police stations and they have also ignored the fact that police vehicles have had their brake pipes cut.

But some sections of the mainstream media care only about getting as many clicks on their articles as possible to generate as much money as possible.

Despite the massive challenges being faced by our emergency services, they still can keep their unique sense of humour; as shown in this picture that was sent into our team.

When this is all over, then the emergency services and healthcare sector will be remembered as heroes. Because that is what they are.

While most people have been staying at home to avoid the deadly virus, our remarkable emergency services and NHS personnel have been heading straight back to the front line.

We owe them so much, and yet they do what they do because they want to help as many people as they can.

God bless our emergency services and the NHS.

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