10 lb Bag Of ‘Mice’ For $1.00? McDonald’s Proves That Sign Placement Is Everything!

When you head to your local McDonald’s, then I am guessing that ice probably isn’t that high on your list of things to buy when your stomach is empty, and you are running out of calories.

But some hungry patrons in one particular McDonald’s restaurant probably thought that ‘mice’ were also on the menu after a sign intended to highlight the fact that ice was being sold for $1 per 10 lb bag, had a large ‘M’ placed right in front of word ‘Ice’.

We have seen examples of these sort of sign-fails before after it was announced that another restaurant in the chain was going to ‘close’ for ‘18,000 years’ due to some recent snowfall.

I don’t know many people who can hold out for 18,000 years.

But you can just imagine the look on the faces of restaurant-goers who probably had not realised that the ‘M’ and the word ‘Ice’ were not supposed to read as ‘Mice’.

To be fair, $1 for a 10 lb bag of ice isn’t too bad. Nearly as cheap a barrel of oil at the moment!

Note also how the McFlurry machine appears not to be working. Perhaps that is why they were selling 10 lb bags of ice!?

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