Shop Keeper Creates No-Nonsense Sign For Customers

As we all do our best to try and avoid coming into close contact with fellow shoppers, you have to acknowledge the fact that retail staff do not get this luxury. 

Most shops have placed markings on the floor to make sure that customers do not get within two metres of each other. 

But if the store is a small one, then this avoidance can be quite hard, if not impossible, to maintain. 

And retail staff often end up walking into a customer’s two-metre exclusion zone when they are refilling the shelves. 

But one shopkeeper has made a sign that leaves his/her customers with zero doubt when it comes to knowing what the social distancing rules are in his/her shop. 

The sign reads:

‘Cover your f__king mouth!

‘STFU buy your s__t and leave ASAP

‘Absolutely no titty or shoe money

‘Stand back at least 6 ft

‘Store capacity is only five motherf__kers at once

‘You cough, you are OUT!

Maybe this is the sort of no-nonsense approach that we need to come out of the lockdown sooner? 

This message would not leave any doubt in shoppers minds as to how seriously this shopkeeper is taking the social distancing rules! 

And we even see his/her caring side at the end of the sign with the message: ‘stay safe and drink responsibly!’ 

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