Idiot Displays ‘F**K The NHS’ Sign In Window Of Car

Out of millions of NHS supporters, there will always be a tiny minority of morons who, for reasons known only to their two brain cells, will have the exact opposite sentiment of the decent-minded majority.

And one of these 0.1% ‘ers has surfaced in Mold, North Wales. 

The belligerent motorist in question decided to put a sign up on the window of his/her car that said: 

‘F__k the N.H.S they get paid to save OUR lives we don’t get paid to save there (sic) lives’. 

The picture was uploaded to social media by someone who was, quite rightly, just as offended by the ridiculous message as we were. 

The sign was spotted in the window of a car

In a post published on their social media page, the spotter said:

“Not often things annoy me, but this got me angry. 

“Firstly, you used the wrong “there” it should be “their lives”. 

“Secondly, I’m pretty sure one day in your life mate you’ll end up in hospital […] Maybe then you can witness the fantastic hard work of all staff in the NHS, those on the front line, and all they do to save lives each day and realise, they really don’t get paid enough for what they do, nor enough credit”.

I know that quite a few of our readers will be thinking ‘don’t give the troll the attention it craves’. 

But we don’t know who the author of the note is, so he/she won’t be getting any attention. Yet. 

Or, at least, they won’t be getting the attention they are so desperately looking for. 

But we hope that he/she might get some attention from law enforcement personnel who might want to ‘have a word’ with this buffoon about the fact that his sign is an apparent infringement of the Public Order Act.

Once he/she is identified, then you have our word that we will not share its name, thus helping to deny it the attention it craves. 

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5 thoughts on “Idiot Displays ‘F**K The NHS’ Sign In Window Of Car

  1. Unfortunately, one thing the NHS can’t fix is stupid.

    Fortunately there’s always Entonox to take away the pain.

  2. You cannot cure stupid, but this is proof that birth control and euthanasia should be more than mere afterthoughts!!

  3. What an absolute tosspot. When you end up in a hospital bed, let’s hope that you don’t have to drive yourself in! If the staff see your ‘well written’ sign I’m sure they’d be thrilled to show you just how they can save your life. Or maybe not! Complete waste of oxygen if you ask me, must have been starved of it at birth too!

  4. I think they’re a dick, but using the public order act, makes you one too. Everyone has the right to be a dick.

  5. I like to think some kind some would smash the adjoining window in order to make the correct spelling mistake and return it!

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