Burger King, KFC & Pret A Manger Announce ‘Limited’ Reopening Plans

By now, I am reasonably confident that you are probably growing tired of eating all of the pasta and pasta sauce that you stocked-up on just before the lockdown was announced. 

Well, I am pleased to say that if you enjoy Burger King, KFC and/or Pret A Manger, then it won’t be long until your taste buds can rejoice in the culinary delight of these various restaurants. 

All three of these well-known chains have announced that they will be opening certain restaurants around the country, but only for deliveries! 

You will have to wait a bit longer to have a ‘sit down’ meal in one of these eateries.  

Burger King has said that it is going to re-open two restaurants in Bristol, one in Swindon and one in Coventry. 

Staff will, of course, have to wear gloves and masks and will have additional training in how to run ‘delivery only’ kitchens.

Burger King has also introduced rigorous cleaning measures and will also train their staff to make sure that they adhere to the social distancing rules, which are still in place. 

As well as providing their culinary services to the general public, Burger King has also said that it will be donating 1,000 meals per week to staff working at hospitals in the vicinity of the restaurants which have reopened. 

Just make sure you eat the food that is good for your immune system, though! 

A healthy immune system is your only current defence against COVID-19, so make sure you give it what it needs! 

Katie Evans, marketing director at the chain, has said that she hopes that the re-opening of some of their restaurants would go “some way to lifting our customers’ spirits in these difficult times”.

We all know how vital food is to our morale, so those of you who regularly feast on fast-food (if you live in the areas mentioned above) can expect a slight increase in your morale levels as a result of this announcement. 

Ms Evans added:

“We want to demonstrate how appreciative everyone at Burger King UK is of [NHS staff] efforts in these unprecedented times.”

In the last week, KFC has re-opened 11 of its restaurants in the UK – for delivery only – in Tamworth, Stockport, Portsmouth, Manchester, London, Ipswich, Glasgow, Birmingham and Aldershot. 

A spokesperson for KFC said that it has donated:

“thousands of meals from all our open restaurants to those on the frontline, including the NHS and key workers, in partnership with Deliveroo, and will continue to do so each week whilst the situation continues”.

Personally, I think that I will stick to my ‘whole foods’ eating regime as I want to try and give my immune system all of the ‘tools’ which it needs. 

But are you happy that some fast-food chains are now starting to offer deliveries? Or are you content with your pasta and pasta sauce? Let us know in the comments below! 

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