Does Anyone Know Why The Mainstream Media Are Trying To Stitch Up The Police?

As we sit in our ‘digital media control room’ (remotely), we cannot help but notice that some sections of the mainstream media seem to be going out of their way to stitch up the police. 

We have seen quite a few ‘appeals’ by well-known media outlets asking for members of the public to contact them with stories about how the police fined them after they flouted the ‘essential travel only’ and social distancing rules. 

One of the first questions that popped into our minds, was how will these tidal waves of fabricated, contorted and twisted ‘stories’ be verified? 

How do we know that the ‘informant’ won’t exaggerate or won’t be tempted to tell lies as they scramble for their 2 minutes of digital ‘fame’? 

For example, I could email one of these media organisations and tell them that I was stopped by the police and fined for taking my rubbish from my front door to the usual spot on the pavement where I leave my rubbish each week!? 

I am always bewildered by the fact that so many people don’t ask more questions about the authenticity of these stitch-up ‘stories’? 

But, more importantly, why are some sections of the mainstream media SO obsessed with stitching our police up by publishing these ‘walty mitty’ type stories? At a time of national emergency? It makes no sense. 

It all seems a bit odd to me when you take into account the fact that the measures which have been introduced by the politicians, and which are being enforced by the police, are intended to save lives? 

We aren’t talking here about rules which have been introduced to satisfy the ego of a politician. 

We are talking here about regulations which are intended to save lives! 

Over 12,000 people have died in the UK since contracting COVID-19 and, tragically, 40 healthcare professionals have also died

The real story here should be about how many lives could have been saved in the healthcare sector if the healthcare professionals who fell victim to COVID-19 had the CORRECT PPE for the duties which they were performing.

It’s all very well hearing about the ‘370 million pieces’ of PPE which have been sent to healthcare providers around the country. 

But what good is that ‘PPE’ if the items being distributed are NOT going to protect healthcare professionals from the high-viral-load threat posed to them by the patients who have become infected with COVID-19? 

Would you walk into a room full of COVID-19 patients with a paper mask for protection!? Of course, you wouldn’t! But that is what some of our healthcare professionals have been asked to do. 

But instead of this critical story, some sections of the mainstream media are asking members of the public to contact them with stories about how they were fined for breaking the rules which are intended to save lives. 

The cynical amongst you might think that some sections of the mainstream media want the lockdown finished ASAP not because they want fewer people to die from COVID-19, but because they want more people to go out and buy their papers…

What a truly bizarre world we currently live in.  

But let us know what YOU think – are you really that interested in hearing from the people who have been fined for breaking the life-saving rules? Let us know in the comments below! 

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3 thoughts on “Does Anyone Know Why The Mainstream Media Are Trying To Stitch Up The Police?

  1. Not interested in the slightest what a law breaker chooses to spout to a daily rag to sell a few.

  2. First of all can I say that I think the Police di a fantastic job and that I wholeheartedly support and am grateful to every one of you for what you do.
    Unfortunately the media are rarely interested in truth where an inflammatory headline will do. These days, particularly with the growth of Social Media, everyone seems to believe that they have a right to air whatever I’ll-judge negative narrative is going to get the most attention. In the same way that small children will fight for attention through bad behaviour as much as by good, certain sections of the media have turned into permanently dissatisfied toddlers screaming for attention by any means. Sensationalism has replaced truth and our media is much poorer for it.
    Keep up the good work. I still believe that the majority of the nation are behind you and appreciate you.

  3. I just want to know why the media aren’t running a story asking why BoJo wasnt fined /arrested for going to his second home…..

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