WATCH: Coronavirus Suspect Flees From Medics In Russia

Video footage has emerged on social media of a suspected coronavirus patient running away from medics after jumping out the back of an emergency ambulance in Russia. 

In the footage below, several medics in full PPE give chase to the ‘AWOL’ patient as he heads off towards a nearby housing estate. 

The incident unfolded in the Russian city of Arzamas with scenes reminiscent of a zombie film. 

The ‘great escape’ unfolded on Wednesday and the footage has been shared widely across the Russian-speaking part of the internet.

As the patient legged it, three PPE-clad medics chased after him as he clambered over a road just before the footage ends. 

Various theories have cropped up on social media regarding what the man was running from; including the opinion that the male was a local athlete who had objected to self-isolation. 

Other social media users suggested that perhaps the male just did not want to be admitted to hospital having contracted COVID-19. 

Whatever his reason for running, it turned out that he was caught after a short foot chase. He has been tested for COVID-19, and his test results are due back on Sunday. 

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