Police Forced To Pour Water Over Beach BBQ’s As People Ignore The Governments Life-Saving Advice

If you have seen and heard the pleas being made by Intensive Care Unit (ICU) staff for members of the public to stay at home to save lives, then you probably have managed the easy task of staying at home. 

If you have heard the stories of patients having to Facetime their loved ones to say ‘goodbye’ to them just before they succumb to COVID-19, then such stories have probably motivated you to stay at home, even when you were thinking of heading out to the beach. 

But if you live in Brighton, then it would appear that this life-saving advice has not reached your shores yet based on the fact that thousands of people headed down to Brighton beach yesterday (4th April). 

We have all seen the pictures of people having BBQ’s on the beach as if the government’s rules do not apply to them. 

I bet they were the same people who were clapping for the NHS last Thursday. 

And yet they dare to ignore the advice given to them by the NHS heroes who are putting in 12-16 hour shifts in ICUs as people die around them from a disease that is passed on from person to person like wildfire. 

If this outbreak does not come under control, then we have the individuals who have ignored the government’s rules to thank for not only an extension of the lockdown but for an even harsher set of rules which will inevitably be introduced to save lives. 

Pictures of police officers having to pour water over BBQs which were set up on Brighton beach will be looked at by generations to come. 

Future generations will no doubt look at the ‘idiots’ who have been ignoring the rules with as much disdain and disgust as those of us who are obeying the controls do. 

And it’s not just me labelling these individuals as ‘idiots’. 

In a tweet, MP Maria Caulfield, who has returned to the front line as a nurse to help combat coronavirus, blasted: 

“If you are one of the idiots on Brighton seafront right now, don’t bother #ClapForCarers on Thursday. 

“You have put NHS lives at risk by your stupid behaviour.”

Isn’t it a disgrace that some people think that their ‘right’ to have a BBQ on the beach is above and beyond the right of people not to die of COVID-19? 

As NHS Staff have to move out of their family homes and have to go weeks without seeing their young children, we have buffoons around the country who are disrespecting not only the men and women who serve in the NHS and emergency services, but who are also disrespecting the memories of they who have perished during this pandemic. 

People really need to get a grip on themselves. 

At the moment, on average, one person is dying every two minutes in the UK owing to COVID-19. 

And I know that those of you who are scared and who are in denial about this will accuse me of ‘scaremongering’, but if you cannot handle the truth of what is happening in ICU departments around the country, then that is your problem. 

People should not have to die just because you are ignorant of the truth. 



And if you have not been obeying the rules, then please do not bother to ‘clap for the NHS’ next Thursday because you are a part of the problem and not the solution. 

Save the clapping for those of us who have stayed indoors for the last two weeks to save the NHS and to help save lives. 

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9 thoughts on “Police Forced To Pour Water Over Beach BBQ’s As People Ignore The Governments Life-Saving Advice

  1. I am afraid that the name calling buffoon isnt appropriate I would call them all selfish bastarxs

    1. we now need to go to full lockdown nobody on the streets except good reason and for it to be enforced without fail

  2. The Police/Authorities should take photo’s of these ignorant A-Holes and put them up on a national “Wall of Shame” for the whole country to see and point fingers at!!!! IMO 😉

    1. The problem is, such is social media these days, that people won’t stop af finger pointing, there will be all sorts of repercussions up to and including death threats

  3. I think the army need bringing in..the police are to stretched..I think we need army patrols to keep these selfish arseoles and all the other irresponsible dickeads in there bloody homes!! To many people walking around endangering others..ITS GOT TO STOP NOW!!!!

  4. My relative lives near Brighton beach and has stayed in since the lockdown. Apparently dozens of people strolling, cycling, jogging, talking in groups etc is a daily occurrence. The sheer stupidity and selfishness is driving my relative mad.

  5. In Greece the Lock-Down is being rigidly enforced by the Police – €150 fine for any infringement namely having gone out without sending the appropriate SMS Code as to where you are going (Doctor, Supermarket, Bank, Pharmacy, Exercise within close proximity of home) all the fine money then goes to the Health Services – the UK should follow suit and act accordingly

  6. I think there has to be no confusion now and the police should clamp right down. Not pussy foot around individuals human rights to have a BBQ. Fine them period with no reduction if paid within 14 days

    About time we appreciate the rights of the people who are subjecting to self qiauarantine to try and help eradicate this virus.

  7. The way to stop all the selfish idiots going to parks, beaches etc to sunbath and whatnot is to take away the 80% of the money the government is paying them to stay home. If you don’t stay home you don’t receive ££££ !!!!

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