Watch Out! The Phantom Note Writers Are Back Out!

If there is one breed of human you would have hoped would have stayed indoors during the lockdown, then the unique legion of ‘phantom note writers’ is one. 

But it would seem that this hostile group of professional note-writers have emerged from the rocks under which they dwell to cause misery, once again, to the fine and upstanding members of our NHS and emergency services. 

For anyone who does not know, ‘phantom note writers’ love nothing more than to leave offensive and rude notes on emergency vehicles and NHS workers’ vehicles. 

The notes often contain some troll-like threat.

They are left on the windscreens of vehicles, anonymously, just so the ego of the note writer is satisfied. 

We had thought, and hoped, that these phantom note writers had gone away. But unfortunately not. 

A nurse had just completed a 12-hour shift when she returned to her car only to find that a phantom note writer had left its mark on her vehicle. 

The note read: 

“How f**king stupid and dangerouse (spelling has never been the strong point of phantom note leavers) parking here do it again you will be sorry!!!!” 

The note writer had even used the #BeKind hashtag in a manner that I am sure it was not intended for. 

But the cowardly phantom note writer had met its match this time as the nurse penned her own response to the rock-crawling life form. 

The nurse’s response letter in response read: 

“Whilst most people were out clapping for the NHS; you were writing this.

“I am a nurse and working long hours in this very stressful time. Please choose your words wisely.

“Every evening I have arrived home from work this week there has been nowhere for me to park as most people are staying at home.

“This note has been reported, and I ask all of my neighbours to please look out for anyone acting suspicious around my car.

“This note is shameful in any circumstance but even more so at a time like this.”

The nurse also finished the letter off with #bekind.

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