Shopper’s Sign ‘If You Can Smell My Fart We’re Not Far Enough Apart’

This shopper’s sign, stuck firmly to his back, has caused quite a stir.

As it looks like social distancing will now be a part of our everyday lives for some time, most of us have a rough idea as to how far two metres is.

Two metres is the gap we need to keep between ourselves and other shoppers to help prevent us from spreading COVID as we shop for our bog roll and condoms.

That is, of course, unless you do all of your grocery shopping online with a retailer like Amazon Fresh.

I have started to notice now that some shoppers are starting to get a bit tired of self-enforcing the two-metre rule. 

Last night, I went to my local Tesco and based on the complete lack of social distancing, then you would have thought that we currently weren’t facing a global pandemic. 

I ended up jumping around all over the place to try and avoid my fellow shoppers who could not give a toss about the two-metre rule. 

But an image sent into us by a follower could prove to be the answer when it comes to ensuring that people stay AT LEAST two metres away from you. 

The Shopper’s Sign

A shopper had a note taped to his back that said:

“If You Can Smell My F*rt, We Are Not Far Enough Apart”.

Of course, for the sign to be effective, then the shopper wearing it would need to be pumping out a constant stream of ‘bum gas’. 

But unless you have a gluten intolerance and are still gorging on gluten-infused bread, then you aren’t going to be emitting a constant methane cloud. 

Maybe the sign is enough to remind people that you should be giving each other a 2-metre-wide berth when you are panic buying items that won’t be going out of stock anytime soon. 

But what other methods can you think of that could prove to be useful when it comes to keeping people away from you? Other than having your own shopper’s sign strapped to your back.

Let us know in the comments below.

Last updated: 24/10/20.

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