Farmer Ploughs Massive ‘NHS Heart’ In His Field

A thankful farmer has ploughed a massive heart with the ‘NHS’ letters into a field as a tribute to the men and women of the NHS who are on the frontline in the battle against COVID-19. 

It took Ben Wilson around 30 minutes to craft the 164ft markings in his field being used to grow spring oats in Glymptom, Oxfordshire. 

Ben said that NHS staff were doing an “amazing job” as many of them risk their own lives without having the adequate PPE needed to ensure their own safety. 

He added that the reaction on social media to his gesture was “surprising and overwhelming”. 

Ben said: 

“We’ve got friends in the NHS.

“My Dad’s currently being treated for cancer at the John Radcliffe Hospital [in Oxford] at the moment, and they are doing an amazing job keeping things going as well as dealing with this coronavirus situation.”

Ben is relatively new to Twitter – where the image was first shared – but added that the response from complete strangers was “quite exciting, surprising and overwhelming”. 

Inspired by Ben, other farmers around the UK have also paid tribute to the NHS with various messages popping up around the country.

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