Paramedic Appeals To The Public: ‘Have Some Respect For Your Neighbour & For Humanity’

I am not too sure about you, but if a paramedic turned up at my neighbour’s house and the emergency ambulance crew emerged with their PPE on, then the last thing I would think of doing is getting out my camera phone to take some pictures/videos. 

Over the last few months, we have been sent quite a few of these sort of videos, but we won’t share them because it is disrespectful to the patient and it is disrespectful to the emergency ambulance crew. 

But, unfortunately, too many people are getting, shall we say, ‘over-excited’ at the sight of ambulance crews turning up to their neighbour’s house in full PPE

Seeing as how this current ‘national emergency’ has been going on for nearly seven months now, then you would have thought that people would understand that emergency ambulance crews will be routinely turning up at addresses with their full PPE on. 

But, for whatever reason, some members of the public are emerging from their houses to take pictures and to film emergency ambulance crews in the PPE before returning to their homes and uploading the pictures/footage to social media. 

Paramedic Makes Simple Request

One paramedic said:

“Absolutely fed up of members of the public thinking that they are taking sneaky pictures or videos of us when we’re attending emergency details wearing PPE… 

“For all you know this moment could be the worst moment in someone’s life and you’re stood at your window taking pictures/ videos for what? 

“A few likes on social media. Have a word with yourself and get a grip. 

“Have some self-respect, respect for your neighbour and respect for humanity”.

If you do see an ambulance turn up at your neighbour’s house and the ambulance crew emerge in PPE then, rather than getting your phones out to film the event, just be thankful that it’s not you who is going to be taken to hospital. 

Instead of filming the incident, just go and have a coffee and be thankful that it’s not you who the paramedics have come to see.

The emergency services have a hard enough job as it is, without having to worry about being filmed by their local ‘spotted’ enthusiasts! 

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  1. Modern day curtain twitchers, Make them the but of every joke, They will soon disappear when they know they are being laughed at.

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