Woman Jailed After Making 1278 Nuisance 999 Calls

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A woman who repeatedly abused the 999 system has been sent to prison. 

Jelana Bobrova, 54, of Oaklands Estate SW4, was sentenced to 10 weeks behind bars for breaching an existing Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO) she received in November 2019 for her time-wasting nuisance and persistent abuse of the 999 system.

On 16th February this year, Bobrova made 39x 999 calls to the police. In each call she rambled to emergency control room staff and goaded them to arrest her. 

Seven days later, she was arrested for breaching her CBO, which explicitly prohibited her from making false/hoax 999 calls. 

“The Metropolitan Police answers more than 4.5 million calls per year. In 2019, there were 175,000 calls recorded as misuse calls. 

“This amounted to a yearly cost to the Met of more than £1.3m.

“Nuisance calls to police are absolutely not acceptable; they are certainly not funny and are a huge waste of time and money.

“These calls prevent people who are in a genuine emergency from speaking to police and receiving help when they most need it.

“I hope the sentence given to Bobrova will send a message to anyone who thinks this immature behaviour is a form of entertainment.”

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