WATCH: This Is Why You Need To Keep Washing Yours Hands!

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Even though my hands are starting to look like they have been dipped in bleach (sore, cracks etc. etc.), I am still in ‘OCD’ mode when it comes to washing my hands and rubbing in some hand sanitiser whenever I can. 

Medical professionals have already told us that if we touch our eyes, nose or mouth with our hands and our hands have the virus on them, then it is highly likely that we will get COVID-19. 

Same applies if, for example, you are standing close to someone who is infected with the virus who sneezes/coughs on or near you. 

But ‘handwashing fatigue’ might be starting to set in now, even though the number of reported cases is continuing to rise. 

He then licks his fingers and wipes his spit all over a handrail located in the carriage of the train before leaning back against the door. 

The male then seems to look around, with his face mask down. 

The person who uploaded the video said:

“Video of a Belgian citizen infected with coronavirus, trying to transmit the virus to everyone”.

The video itself was shared in our ‘Strange Things Spotted On Social Media’ group on Facebook (CLICK HERE if you want to join)

It goes without saying that we do not know for sure that the male in the video did or does have coronavirus. 

But we think that the video is a good reminder as to why you should carry on washing your hands as often as you can and especially before you touch yours (or anyone else’s) face, nose or eyes! 

Video of a Belgian citizen infected with corona virus, trying to transmit the virus to everyone

Posted by Hasan Rabee on Monday, March 9, 2020

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