WATCH: Daughter FaceTimes The Wrong “Daddy” During Seductive Dance

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FaceTime is great because it means that we can have a one-on-one video chat with our nearest and dearest even though we might be miles apart from them. 

But a video doing the rounds on social media recently highlights some of the ‘dangers’ involved with using FaceTime – especially if you call your partner “daddy” and you forget this when asking Siri to “facetime daddy” just before you put on a show that only your partner wants to see.

In the video below, a woman dressed in just her underwear has just told Siri to FaceTime “daddy’ before walking towards a wall (with chains on it!?) just as the call connects to the wrong “daddy”. 

Instead of FaceTiming her partner, this keen dancer ends up FaceTiming her real dad. 

Red-faced and angry, her dad shouts: “Maira, you’re a sl*t just like your mother!”. 

The call ends as the woman quickly disconnects the call. 

It is impossible to say whether or not the video is ‘real’ or whether it is just one of those staged videos which are made to pull the viewers in. 

Our experienced team of social media publishers are in two minds with this one because the reaction on both the male and females faces seems to be genuine (as does the anger of the father).

Either way, it made our team laugh, so we thought that we would share it with our followers. 

But do you think it is fake’ or ‘real’? Let us know in the comments below! 

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