Shopper Spotted In Tesco In Full HAZMAT Gear

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I went down to Sainsbury’s this afternoon to get some provisions. 

Not to ‘panic buy’ and to fill my cupboards with stuff that can be delivered to my house at any time. Nope. Just to buy some essential provisions. 

Once again, the shelves were bare. 

No toilet roll. No pasta. No pasta sauce. No wet wipes for my two young children (it would seem that adults have now started to ‘panic buy’ wet wipes owing to the on-going shortage of toilet paper — on behalf of all parents of toddlers and babies: thanks for that!). 

Some elderly shoppers were walking around, and they looked genuinely upset because younger people, who have a good chance of fighting off coronavirus should they get it, have been panic buying goods which are essential to people who cannot afford to bulk buy. 

But, as we all know, the vast majority of people do not care about common sense or common decency. 

They HAVE to do what they are advised not to do: panic buy. 

But as I walked around the superstore, I was quite tempted to put on some nitrile gloves that I have in my car (don’t ask). 

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