Police Supervisor Requests PPE For His Team Of EIGHTEEN Officers And Gets Just SIX Mini Tubes Of Hand Gel

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When the last national emergency hit (WWII) the country was able to produce 12 brand-spanking-new Spitfires every single day. 

At the time, these Spitfires were cutting edge technology and they required legions of highly-skilled technicians and engineers to produce them and to put them together. 

Fast-forward 75 years later, and it would seem that we are not able to produce enough Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) needed to keep our emergency services protected from our new mutual enemy; COVID-19. 

Our Grandparents & great grandparents were able to knock out 12 cutting-edge Spitfires every day for years on end. 

“I have been given six tubes of hand gel. We are also using cleaning products from home”.

We have heard from frontline officers who have told us that their response teams are down by at least 50% because officers are having to self-isolate at the first sign of any symptoms rather than being tested for COVID-19. 

It seems like our emergency services, despite all of the ‘praise’ being showered upon them from ‘up high’ are not being given the tools they need to keep them safe during this national emergency. 

Within the last hour, it has been confirmed that 1,228 people have died in the UK after becoming infected with COVID-19. That’s one person dying, on average, every six minutes. 

It’s time that something was done to protect the men and women who do not have the choice of staying at home with their loved ones; the men and women who are facing the ‘enemy’ head-on as they to try and keep us safe; the emergency services & NHS

We owe them more; much more. We are letting them down. Again. 

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