People Are Starting To Wear Tupperware Boxes On Their Heads To Avoid Coronavirus

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In an attempt to avoid coronavirus then it would appear that some people are putting large Tupperware boxes over their heads before getting on public transport. 

In a way, I admire their ability not to care what other people think; regardless of how ‘silly’ they might look. 

The image below was uploaded to social media by Phil Rubery and showed a passenger on the London Underground with a massive plastic box over her head. 

We have seen images before from other parts of the world with people walking around with big boxes on their heads, but this trend now seems to be picking up popularity in the UK. 

If you have used public transport or have been in high-density public areas, then do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth with your hands until you have had a chance to wash your hands. 

If you cough or sneeze, then ‘catch it’ in a tissue and then throw the tissue into a bin. 

If you don’t have a tissue, then ‘catch it’ by covering your nose and mouth with your arm (assuming you are wearing a long sleeve top). 

Have you seen people with Tupperware boxes on their heads? 

If so, then let us know where and when you saw them via the comments below. We are also interested to hear what you think concerning this new ‘trend’. 

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