NHS Worker Pleads With Londoners To Avoid Using The London Underground

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Even though people are being advised to steer well clear of the London Underground & Overground, people are still using reduced transport services which are supposed to be for NHS & Emergency Services Personnel. 

You probably would have seen by now the images being shared of packed trains as commuters risk their lives cramming into carriages without any personal protective equipment. 

I am fairly sure that if most of these people knew the risk that they were exposing themselves or their family members to, then they would have resisted the urge to jump onto a packed train. 

In under five months, deadly COVID-19 has spread all around the world. 

“I am a frontline NHS worker at a very busy hospital in south London, where we are currently treating multiple patients with Covid-19. 

“All of the staff where I work are tirelessly doing all they can to help in this crisis and are prepared to risk their health for sick patients.

“This morning, I set off for work at 6.30 am to travel via the central line to work.

“The service is currently reduced, and only frontline workers are advised to use the line. 

“However, as you can see from this picture, the public does not seem to have taken social distancing very seriously, the train was overcrowded and then to top it all, there was a medical emergency in another carriage, and we were forced to get off and advised to take the bus after a 20+ minutes wait on the train at the station. 

“The picture below shows the scene on the train at Leyton.

“I was forced to return home, a journey that took over an hour due to the limited service.

“I could not get to my work, at a hospital because non-essential workers think it is acceptable to crowd on to services designed for frontline workers and are risking spreading this virus to more people and increasing the casualty number from this disease.

“Please Think of others, it could be you on a ventilator in Intensive care, and you are increasing the chances of contracting this disease by not following the government’s guidelines.

“Also, your actions are stopping vital staff from getting to work!”

This sort of complacency will lead to more deaths. It really is that simple. 

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