National ‘Clapping’ Event Planned For NHS Staff As The Country Braces Itself For More COVID-19 Cases

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If you have been watching events as they have unfolded in Italy, then you are probably feeling just as nervous as I am when you think about the storm that is heading our way. 

If you believe that you have nothing to worry about from COVID-19, then please keep in mind that anyone can be adversely affected by the virus; not just the elderly and those with underlying health conditions. 

We must do all that we can to stop the virus spreading, which basically means keeping your distance from people and washing your hands before you touch your mouth, nose or eyes. 

But spare a thought for the amazing men and women who work in the NHS and who are getting ready for the peak of the outbreak. 

‘During these unprecedented times, they need to know that we are grateful. 

‘Please join us on 26th March at 8 pm for a big applause (from front doors, garden, balcony, windows, living rooms, etc.) to show all nurses, doctors, GPs and carers our appreciation for their ongoing hard work and fight against this virus. 

‘Please share this message, so we can make sure the word spreads and reaches all to join!’

So will you be taking part? Let us know in the comments below

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  1. My wife works at the hospital and I fear every day for hers and everyone’s safety. I will definitely be out of my window clapping for these brave people in the NHS and all sectors that have to deal with people who may have the virus. Thank you

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