Lorry Seen To Transport Single Packet Of Toilet Roll

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It has been nearly a week now since people ‘panic bought’ what appears to be the nation’s supply of toilet roll and yet most of the major supermarkets still have not managed to replenish their stocks. 

Just think of all of the people with tonnes of loo roll hidden in their cupboards while those who cannot afford to panic buy now have to sit at home without any bog roll. 

But one HGV driver not only managed to get hold of some loo roll; he/she also strapped it to the back of their flatbed lorry and proceeded to drive along the motorway with it on display. 

To be honest, I am surprised that it wasn’t stolen off the back of the lorry when it came to a stop at some traffic lights. 

That’s enough internet for today……

Posted by The Stuart Robinson Show on Thursday, March 12, 2020

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