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Are you managing to stay in, only going out for essential items? Good! Just by staying at home, then you are helping to save lives, and you are helping to protect the NHS. 

Not a bad achievement for just staying at home, right? 

If you have always thought that you would volunteer for a 9-month trip to Mars in a tiny space capsule, then staying in your house for another two weeks should be easy, right? 

Unfortunately, there are still people out there who think that the measures which have been introduced to save lives, do not apply to them. 

“My parents are my childcare, to protect them and to protect my son, he has had to stay with them until it is deemed safe out there to release us all back into the wild! 

“My son, my spawn, my baby has to be away from his Mum and his Dad because we can not risk him picking anything up from us, becoming unwell and possibly passing it on to my parents, my step Dad being in an ‘at risk’ category. 

“I need my family and my family need me. 

“This is a shi**y situation for us all, not just for me but for all families. 

“A family dog walk with the kids, and the gramps is NOT ok, you’re all putting yourselves at risk. 

“Please, please stay home. 

“We’re not being asked to go to war, we’re not being asked to give a limb, just to sit indoors and not make any unnecessary journeys. 

“I am sick of seeing, ‘Is there any shops open, I need to get some t-shirts for the kids’, No! Sit down and shut up! 

“Use your online shopping, Amazon, eBay, ASOS, etc.! 

“They do not put up ‘temporary’ hospitals for a laugh; the last time this was done in the UK was during the war! Have a little respect for all those having to be away from their families! 

“I want nothing more than to be doing sod all with my son at home, I want to be moaning about homeschooling, but I can’t, because he isn’t here. 

“I can’t give him a cuddle or kiss good night; I want to be able to more than anything. 

“Stop being selfish, stop buying stuff for the sake of it, calm down and stay at home. 

“Keep us all safe, keep yourself safe and save the NHS that will save you.

“(If anyone finds this status offensive, tough, it’s the truth) “

From a Met Police Officer:

“I’m feeling pretty frustrated right now. I am pretty sure I am not the only one.

“I don’t have any symptoms, so I am carrying on regardless. My wife’s job is more than on the line; my children are scared. 

“My parents and my in-laws have done what has been advised and have been housebound for nearly two weeks now. My children only leave the house when I am home from work and take the dog for a walk, and we obey the government’s advice.

“Almost half of my 45 Police officer team is now off sick. So that says 50% of one team of five, per 32 London boroughs. Response team officers responding to emergency calls.

“Every day I leave the house knowing I will almost, most definitely get this virus. 

“But I hope that if I do get it, I’m strong enough to beat it, but even more, that I do not pass it on to my wife and children, or anyone else.

“Today, I was at work in London. 

“Still, there are people walking around for no reason, maybe some because they have nobody else to get the things they need, which I get. If my parents and in-laws didn’t have us and others, they would have no choice but to leave their house and get what they need. 

“We haven’t got the resources to stop every person and ask “why are you out”.

“People are still out and about, loitering for no reason, out of their homes for no reason. Too many to be managed. People are not listening to the advice. The decent members of the public are not challenging this either. 

“Why are you out? What are you doing? Where are you going?

“Parents are not thinking, where are my teenagers? What are they doing?

“I drove home through Epping Forest, and like last weekend when I did so, cars were parked up on the side of the road, families mingling, all close with other people. I got to my home town and saw groups of people walking around, more people than normal.

“It’s an absolute joke and makes me so angry. If you don’t need to be out, stay at home! For everyone’s sake!”

And remember; when the harsher measures are introduced then reflect on the thought that we all had the chance to make this virus ‘burn out’ just by staying at home. 

And it will be the individuals who decided to break the rules who we will have to thank for the stricter lockdown measures which are coming. 

Do you think that stricter rules are needed? Let us know in the comments below! 

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  1. We live in Crete, Greece and we have a lockdown also. The fine is 150 euros and we can’t leave our house without a paper or a sms to say where you are going and for how long. The police are also doing road blocks.

    In England there needs to be higher fines for people who are ignoring the government’s advice.

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